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Electro-Mechanical Assembly
Designed And Manufactured For High Volume WFE Production


Ferrotec’s Electrical and Mechanical assemblies are designed and manufactured to sustain high volume production and lasting quality that is required to support the critical process controls demanded by our customers of which majority is within the semiconductor industry. We offer a truly broad range of services from simple component manufacture and assembly to full project outsourcing capability, from concept to completion, including design, software control, manufacture, inventory stocking and supply.

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Metal Fabrication
Large-Scale Chamber And Precision Parts Manufacturing


Ferrotec provides product manufacturing service according to drawings from customers with advanced high precision machining equipment. We also provide full set of precision machining solutions from design, manufacturing, testing, and consulting etc., to satisfy customers’ need. Ferrotec adopts advanced manufacturing concepts from Japan and US, implements lean management to continue driving efficiency improvement and maximizing customers’ benefits in cost and lead time progressively.

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Fabricated Quartz
Precision Fabrication And Hotwork Process


The semiconductor manufacturing process involves frequent treatments of high heat and chemicals. Coming into play here are quartz products composed of ultra-high-purity silica glass. Whether it is in the thin film generation and diffusion process, or as consumables in the etch process of wafers, our quartz products play an important role in the processing of increasingly thinning and high purification semiconductors.

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Advanced Ceramics
High-Purity Advanced Ceramic Materials


Ferrotec’s integrated production of advanced ceramics in a range of ceramic materials that leverage advanced material technology, production technology, and precision processing technology under the strictest quality controlled conditions. Our ceramic products are widely adopted as high quality parts suited for the manufacturing process of semiconductors, which require high grades of purity, rigidity and precision.

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Metal Surface Treatment
Broad Range Of Special Processes To Meet The Highest Surface Requirement.


Ferrotec owns complete surface treatment special processes with self-developed technologies and knowhow. Our metal surface treatment is applied to achieve high corrosion-resistance, increase breakdown voltage and meet ever-tightening cleanliness requirement in the Semiconductor chip manufacturing process.

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